The base MS4W package installs a preconfigured Web Server environment that includes the following components:

  • Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.41

  • PHP version 7.2.27

  • MapServer CGI 7.6.0-dev

  • MapScript 7.6.0-dev (PHP, Python, Java, CSharp)

  • MapCache 1.9dev (with GDAL support)

  • Mapbox Vector Tile output & demo

  • Python 3.7.5 embedded

  • mod_wsgi Apache module

  • pycsw Catalogue server

  • TinyOWS 1.1.1 (WFS-Transaction) and demo

  • GDAL/OGR 2.4.4 and commandline utilities

  • Includes support for Oracle data (if you have associated client/dlls)

  • MrSID support built-in

  • MapServer commandline utilities

  • Spatialite/OSM commandline utilities

  • osm2pgsql commandline utility

  • PDAL Point cloud tools

  • H264 Apache Streaming Module

  • PROJ utilities

  • Shapelib utilities

  • Shp2tile utility

  • Shpdiff utility

  • AVCE00 Utilities

  • OWTChart 1.2.0

  • OGR/PHP extension

  • Unix commandline utilities


If your server needs support for a specific version of PHP, Python, Apache, MapServer, GDAL, Oracle, ECW, Microsoft SQL Server, or any of MS4W’s hundreds of libraries, or a specific Windows version, or an entire MS4W package in x64 or 32bit, please contact Gateway Geomatics

Additional MS4W Packages are available for download (configured for MS4W):

  • GeoMoose 3.4.0

  • Mapbender

  • MapServer CGI Viewer

  • MapServer Itasca Demo Application

  • MapServer OGC Workshop

  • Matomo Analytics

  • OpenLayers 6.1.1

  • p.mapper 4.4.0 (for MS4W version 3.x)

  • ZOO-Project WPS Server

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